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New Playoff Schedule
by posted 05/11/2022

Well, like expected, something changed!

We now play at 9:15am on Sunday at Powderhorn Park East.  PLEASE have your daughter there by 8:45am ready to go. We only have one game that day and hopefully another on Saturday, 5/21, at 5:30pm at Regis High School for the championship.

Sorry for all the emails, but I think this is the final run by AYL.

We will have practice tomorrow at 4:30 and hopefully again next Tuesday and Thursday.  We are also working on coordinating an end of season BBQ with our team and the 1/2 Grade Team.  We will keep you posted as soon as we nail that down.  More then likely a Tuesday or Thursday around our practice time either next week (hopefully not as we are hopefully practicing to win a championship) or the following week.



(3) Coyotes Hollander     
  (#3) 05/15/2022 9:15a     
  Powderhorn Park East      
  (2) Mountain 3 Brewer 

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Playoff bracket link
by posted 05/10/2022





Looks like 11:45am is first game on Sunday at Powderhorn. Please have your daughter there at 11:15 ready to go. 

Thanks and LETS GO!


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Playoff Games - still waiting
by posted 05/10/2022

Hey all!

We keep getting told 'any day' we will get the schedule for this weekend. Sorry, but as soon as we know, we will fire it out ASAP!

We do know we are playing Sunday and the window for games is 8am to 2pm I believe, but you never know. We were also told that our age would play at Easton (practice field), but Powderhorn is very possible as well. We have also heard rumors that the 17 teams in our age group will be divided by rank with the top 5 (we are #3) will play for championship and then 3 other pools of 4 teams. Again, just a guess so far. 

Again, sorry for the delay and hopefully we know soon!




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